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I Like to Be Used!
(Film Code 151.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Lilla is a hot redhead who likes to explore S/M. She gets more than she bargained for after she places an “adult ad” – and finds herself becoming the “plaything” of an experienced Master and his gorgeous female assistant, Mistress-in-training Athena.

“Careful what you wish for!” Lilla’s wish lands her in an intense, long session of caning, whipping, enemas and sex.

In her ad, Lilla had said she likes rough play and to “be used.” Andre gets her all excited by showing her a large collection of S/M toys; then he grabs her, feels her rapid heartbeat, and tells her he’s going to “use” her – by giving her as a training toy to Athena!

While waiting for Athena to arrive, Andre offers Lilla grapes – and then proceeds to slip one up Lilla’s ass! That’s a new experience for her... “How are we going to get the grape out?” “That will be part of the fun tonight!”

When Athena arrives, Lilla is taken aback that such a young girl would presume to dominate her. Far from looking like a hard-boiled dominatrix, Athena looks just like the schoolgirl she used to be until recently...

But Athena quickly puts an end to Lilla’s snickering with some good paddling with a wooden ruler! She follows up with a hard leather paddle, and then some hair pulling and kissing.

Lilla’s butt is by now a lovely shade of red. Athena wastes no time in putting Lilla in wrist restraints, attached to a bar suspended from the ceiling.

It’s now time for whipping all over with a belt – including on her breasts and pussy. Lilla is by now flaming red almost all over her body. Through her mouth gag, she coyly admits that she has been liking it...

Next, enemas in bondage and enema expulsion into bucket and on the toilet for Lilla.

Finally, while handcuffed on a bed, Lilla’s pussy gets a good pounding with a strap-on from Athena, and she also gets to suck cock (Andre rejoins the girls at the very end.)

Cleaned Inside and Out
(Film Code 149.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Athena looks super-sexy in her elegant red dress and seashell bra...

When she walks into the S/M dungeon where she’s an apprentice dominant, she discovers an enema bag and a large wedge pillow, just like the one she recently used to give Natalia an enema... Her Master decided that it’s now her turn to be on the receiving end, in the same position!

First, he ties her up and make her soak up a full bag. Next, he make her expel her enema into buckets, and finish up on the toilet.

Afterwards, it’s time for some paddling. Athena, who’s not too keen on getting spanked, makes some of the cutest squeals of any girl!

Andre takes pity of her and gives her a break from spanking; instead, he fucks her in every hole!

Having cleaned her up inside, earlier, it’s now time to soap her up and then clean her out with a garden hose!

To finish up, triple-whammy stimulation for Athena: riding a fucking machine, plus a wand vibrator, plus hot wax. Not surprisingly, she cums!

Hazel & Athena Sex-Swing Kinkiness
(Film Code 147.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Hazel’s Dirty-Girl side comes out with a vengeance, now that she has overcome her initial shyness... She and Andre reminisce about her first enema experience – both giving and receiving it – last time.

Hazel admits that she would love to give Athena another enema – and do so on a sex swing, and also admits that she would like to learn how to tie up a girl.

When Athena arrives, she’s in for a surprise, from Hazel and Andre scheming behind her back! Athena, who had over-stepped her boundaries last time, essentially taking advantage of Hazel, really has no choice but to submit herself to be the “toy” at the disposal of Hazel and Andre.

Hazel and Andre turn the playful Athena into their “shared toy” for bondage, enemas and sex! They make Athena perform oral sex on them; Andre fucks Athena’s pussy. (Note: a girls-only edit of this scene is also available.)

It’s now Hazel’s turn: she gets hogtied and experiences a “drilldo” (fucking machine.) Then she gets an enema, while still hogtied, and later expels it on the toilet. Finally, she experiences hot wax for the first time.

Dirty Girls Require Deep Cleaning
(Film Code 146.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

An art model, Hazel, gets seduced by Athena, an assistant photographer. What follows is a huge mess with chocolate, whipped cream and pee on the floor – followed by a deep cleaning that includes enemas for both girls.

Athena nervously awaits for her chance to prove herself as an assistant photographer to Andre. She even clambers on a bar hanging from the ceiling while waiting (a very fetching position!)

When the lovely art model Hazel arrives, for what she believes to be simple nude photos, Athena begins to spin her devious – and messy! – web of seduction...

For starters, Athena leads Hazel to assume a variety of poses, while gradually disrobing her in the process.

Afterwards, Athena covers Hazel in chocolate, and licks it off her. Both girls get covered up in chocolate in the process, and they spank each other, which escalates into a whipped-cream fight!

When Hazel needs to pee, Athena makes her squat on a bucket – and pulls it away just as Hazel is peeing, making Hazel pee on the floor.

Dirty girls indeed!

Operation “deep clean up” begins with a bath and a shower. Next, Athena ties up Hazel to the shower head, and gives her an enema, which she expels in the toilet.

When Andre arrives and finds the big mess, he makes Athena clean it up, and then he enlists Hazel’s help in giving Athena an enema, administered while Athena precariously hangs (hands and feet) from a metal bar suspended from the ceiling! Hazel delivers the enema, while Andre holds Athena in place. Then Athena expels her enema into a bucket, in full view, while perched on an “enema high chair”.

Finally, a blow job for both girls – while Athena is still on the “enema high chair” where she just expelled her enema.

Athena & Natalia reform school
(Film Code 144.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

When recidivist schoolgirl Natalia gets sent to the Reform School for the 3rd time, she’s surprised to find a sexy girl named Athena, who turns out to be the new assistant-in-training of the Headmaster.

If Natalia hoped that punishment by a college girl in a ravishing dress would be lighter than at the hands of the Headmaster, she’s in for a shocking surprise: Athena is brutally sadistic! She pushes Natalia face-down onto a large wedge, and proceeds to spank her, whip, cane her, and paddle her hard with a wide variety of paddles. By the end, Natalia’s butt is on fire with redness and welts!

That’s when Athena further immobilizes Natalia with thumb cuffs, handcuffs and an open mouth gag (metal.) Next, it’s ice cubes on Natalia’s butt, back, tongue, breasts – and even dipped inside her pussy!

But that’s just the beginning... Athena finishes stripping down Natalia, until she is completely naked. For further humiliation, Athena gives Natalia (still tied up) an enema, using a large plastic nozzle, a clear enema bag (soaked up to last drop) and a flow Indicator.

Natalia starts crying. Still tied up, she has no choice but to expel her enema into buckets, sending out big jets!

Athena lifts her own dress and pees into the same bucket.

To make matters worse, the Headmaster joins in and further humiliates Natalia by fucking her in every hole! While at it, the Headmaster also fucks in every hole his gorgeous new assistant!

(Vol. 2)
It’s back to just the two girls. As demanded by the Headmaster as part of her training, Athena has to make Natalia to give her an enema! Athena hates getting enemas, and so she’s extra angry at Natalia for having to receive an enema from her...

For starters, Athena turns Natalia into a “horse”, with a horse-tail butt plug, and a bit-style mouth gag; she makes her crawl around the floor, and rides her, and whips her with a riding crop.

Athena makes Natalia “serve her” for the delivery of an enema: first, she further humiliates Natalia by making her widen her ass with her finger. Next, Athena makes Natalia give her an enema, using a large plastic nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator.

Athena expels her enema into a bucket, while sitting on an “enema high chair”, and making Natalia massage her and masturbate her. Later, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

Afterwards, Athena makes Natalia lie down into a bathtub, and pours hot wax on her. Finally, Athena pulls out the butt plug that is still inside Natalia – and admonishes her to never be sent back to Reform School!

Not Your Typical Date: Anais' S/M Date
(Film Code 143.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Veronica, who lingered at her lover Andre’s place, enjoys doing a little strip-tease dance. When she’s surprised by the unexpected arrival of Andre – bringing home his date Anais – Veronica hides away.

Sexy Anais is rather surprised to find a chain dangling from the ceiling of what she expected to be a living room... And a lot more surprised when she discovers Veronica in the apartment!

Veronica is all flirty towards Anais who, in spite of her provocative dress, is painfully shy. Anais admits that she hasn’t had many adventures in her past, but has been wanting to "try something new"...

Scared-bunny Anais finds herself on a sex swing, with her hands tied up behind her. Veronica explains to her that she likes bondage “because I love being tied up and feeling helpless, and they can do whatever they want to me” – which turns her on. Anais admits that she sometimes fantasizes about such things.

Her wish comes true when Veronica & Andre introduce her to hogtie bondage, spanking/paddling and enemas.

Andre gives Veronica an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle while Veronica fucks Anais with a strap-on dildo! Then, while holding her own enema water, Veronica in turn gives Anais an enema!

Both girls expel their enemas into buckets.

Finally, Andre makes both girls suck his cock. He also fucks Anais’ pussy and feet.

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 3
(Film Code 142.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Andre demonstrates advanced enema techniques, involving a huge metal nozzle and a double-balloon nozzle, using his sexy assistant Veronica as a very willing "guinea pig."

First, an OTK enema using a huge metal nozzle, which Veronica expels on the toilet, initially while standing above it, handcuffed to the towel rack. Next, an enema using a double-balloon nozzle, while hogtied, expelled into a bucket and on the toilet.

To round up the action, Veronica experiences bondage, spanking, paddling, whipping, caning, vibrators, oil cover, ice cubes, and a metal anal speculum.

Oh, and speaking of “roundness”, Veronica’s lovely melons get subjected to heavy-duty nipple clamps, with weights attached.

Note: Veronica is a pain slut – the experience amounts to pleasure enemas for her.

(See also Vol.1 and Vol.2)

We Can Do This Enema the Hard Way or the Fun Way!
(Film Code 141.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Paige is a student nurse who needs to practice giving enemas. She convinces a schoolgirl named Misty to be her guinea pig!

Misty is nervous about the enema. So, Paige decides to “spice it up” by placing Misty on a sexy swing, and by warming her up with some light spanking!

Paige explains that “We can do this enema the hard way or the fun way!” Misty opts for the fun way... The “fun way” involves hogtie bondage, a vibrator, strap-on sex with Paige, and sex with Andre.

While Paige is busy giving Misty and enema, and fucking her with a strap-on dildo, Andre gives a surprise enema to Paige, as well as a surprise ass-fuck!

Both girls expel their enemas into buckets, in full view.

(Vol. 2)
After Misty leaves, Paige gets a reward from Andre for being such a good nursing student: a ride on a big fucking machine! Paige impales both her pussy and ass on a double-dildo attachment, and then rides the machine.

Next, she switches to a pussy-only attachment, and mid-ride, Andre slips an enema nozzle up her ass! Her belly gets noticeably distended after she soaks up the full bag. Then she expels her enema into a bucket while sitting on an “enema high chair” – and finally she takes a shower.

Reform School for Pain-Slut with Attitude
(Film Code 140.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Isabella looks like an angelic, old-fashioned schoolgirl – but the moment she opens her mouth, you know that she’s an insolent mega-brat with a rotten attitude!

The Headmaster sets out to straighten her attitude with an extended corporal punishment – only to discover that smartass Isabella is a pain slut!

Fortunately, a punishment enema reaches Isabella in a way that spanking alone doesn’t...

Isabella punishment starts out with OTK spanking and paddling, using a ping-pong paddle and a wooden paddle. Since her insolence remains unabated, the Headmaster positions her swung over a large wedge, ties her up and brings out riding crops, a wooden spoon, a large wooden paddle, a cane, a whip (flogger), and a large belt. But, if anything, Isabella’s foul mouth gets worse, and then she even starts smiling! She finally even admits that she likes it...

The Headmaster in turn admits, “Sometimes I meet girls who cannot be disciplined with spanking alone, because they like it!” And that’s when he reaches for the enema bag! First, for extra humiliation, he violates her pussy with a wand vibrator. When she complains that she needs to pee, he makes her pee into a bucket, while still hogtied.

To finish up, hot wax (while still hogtied) and a lit candle up her pussy!

Hogtie Enema and Anal Sex for Cheerleader
(Film Code 139.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Athena, now a cheerleader in college, returns to the dungeon where she was first introduced to kinky sex in her schoolgirl days (see her first film.)

There, she finds Veronica, a hot Latina, who makes her do some cheers – and then proceeds to place her on sex swing, strip her naked, put her in handcuffs, lick her toes, and oil her up all over!

But that’s just a warm-up! When Andre, her former school HeadMaster arrives, he places her in hogtie bondage, with Veronica’s assistance, then gives her an enema and fucks her in all 3 holes!

Afterwards, Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, caning, etc, on Veronica, who gets tied up to the ceiling in a standing position, tiptoeing. Veronica’s butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts!

Later, Athena gets to give Veronica an enema.

To finish up, the two girls take a bath together, and Andre makes both suck his cock.

The Schoolgirl and the Former Schoolgirl
(Film Code 137.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Spanking, enemas and bondage for schoolgirl Jenny. Helping the Schoolmaster is former schoolgirl Paige.

When Jenny freaks out and decides to drop out of school – and leaves – Paige finishes her enema, and also gets to try hot wax, to give a blow job, to get doused with a jet of cold water, to be covered with whipped cream, and to experience upside-down bondage.

Shandy and Paige's Anal Bondage Adventures
(Film Code 136.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

A wild mix of bondage, spanking, enemas and sex in all 3 holes, plus girl-girl strap-on sex!

Paige, a former problem schoolgirl now in college, returns to the reform school where she had been disciplined some years before, at the prodding of her sexy friend Shandy, who’s looking for some help in finally seducing Paige.

The Headmaster plays along with Shandy’s scheme – and then takes advantage of both girls!

Schoolgirl Gets a Taste of Chocolate, Suspension Bondage, Spanking, Sex & Enemas
(Film Code 135.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Julie, all covered up in chocolate, awaits her enema

Featuring : Julie and Andre Chance

Length: 71 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from MyFirstKinkySex
(opens in separate tab)

As you saw in her first film, Julie is a very exceptional schoolgirl, who schemed to get herself sent to Reform School just because she was driven by curiosity to learn what Corporal Punishment is all about...

She quickly discovered that she’s a Pain Slut who loves punishment and everything kinky. With her youthful enthusiasm, she charmed the Headmaster into letting her back for the purpose of learning about types of kinky sex!

So, it’s more kinky adventures for Julie: starting with bondage, spanking and a BJ.

Next, the Headmaster gets her really messy by covering her up in chocolate all over – and then he cleans her up "to perfection" with an enema.

To finish off, Julie gets to experience a sybian (fucking machine) in bondage, with the double dildo attachment (pussy/ass.)

Schoolgirl & Mom
(Film Code 134.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

After being punished by the school’s Headmaster, Mabel Rose is taken home by her mom, to be punished some more!

For starters, Mabel Rose gets disciplined for a second time by the Headmaster: spanking and enema, in hogtie bondage, plus a blow job and foot job. For final humiliation, she has to expel her enema into a bucket (while still hogtied to the sex swing) and has to eat the Headmaster’s cum.

At the end of the session, Mabel Rose’s mom, Tina, arrives to pick her up.

The mom sends Mabel Rose off to the car, and begs the Headmaster to teach her something that she can use on her out-of-control teen. The Headmaster demonstrates on the mom how to spank and give an enema! The mom gets spanked across the Headmaster's lap; then she has to strip naked and receive an enema, also across his lap. She expels it on the toilet.

Once home, the mom is all too eager to give her daughter a painful spanking and a humiliating enema – just like she herself endured from the Headmaster! The mom even barges into the bathroom while her daughter is expelling her enema, to humiliate her even more...

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Schoolgirl Reform School: Julie
(Film Code 133.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Something is immediately spellbinding about Julie, and it’s not just her striking young beauty.

For starters, she seems out of place in the Reform School: her school grades are stellar – and yet she caused mischief serious enough to bring her here.

Traditional reform school just doesn’t work on her: corporal punishment makes her laugh and “humiliation” appears to turn her on...

Well, she’s BEYOND being just a “punishment slut”, like some past girls in Reform School. It turns out that she's a schemer, who got herself sent to Reform School on purpose – as she finally admits. She confesses that she finds school boring because too easy; at the same time, she has a strong fascination for BDSM, and is eager to experience it at length.

The Reform School Headmaster finally strikes a deal with her: she agrees to remain in school in exchange for being introduced to various intense BDSM activities – what is heavy punishment/humiliation for most other students is a treat for her!

Hogtie bondage, heavy whipping, multiple enemas, enema expulsion in full sight, caning, being fucked in every hole: she adores it all, and cums twice!!

(PS: Julie continues her kinky explorations, no longer in Reform School, in her second film)

Teen Reform School: Spanking and Hogtie-Bondage Enemas for Mabel Rose
(Film Code 132.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Severe punishment for schoolgirl Mabel Rose, including hard and extended OTK spanking, plus caning, belt whipping, and hogtie bondage.

She also gets her ass stuffed with a butt plug and even a whole stick of butter!

Not content with that, the sadistic Headmaster gives her 2 rounds of enemas: the first one she expels on the toilet, in full view; and the second one she has to expel into a bucket while sitting on an “enema high chair.”

For even more humiliation, she is subjected to masturbation while expelling her second enema!

(In her next round of punishment, in her second film, she has to suck the Headmaster’s cock, and she also gets spanking and enemas from her own mom.)

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