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Teen Reform School: Upside-down Suspension, Brutal Spank, Enema and Fuck in Every Hole
(Film Code 131.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Kristine’s bad attitude lands her in reform school, where she gets severely punished with heavy spanking, paddling, belt whipping, caning, hogtie bondage, panties up her pussy, suppository, multiple enemas (“enema? what’s that?”), and even an upside-down suspension.

Kristine starts losing her bad attitude when her butt is made very red, with imprints and welts – and she breaks into tears.

For extra humiliation, she has to take the Schoolmaster’s cock in all 3 holes, while she’s tied up! And give him a foot job, And taste his cum, too.

Kinky Spa : I've Never Been Cleaned This Thoroughly Before!
(Film Code 128.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Massage, mud wrap, sponge bath, pee on toilet, enema, expulsion through speculum and on toilet.

After Jasmine refuses to pay, the spa attendant makes her give him a BJ and lick his ass. He also ties her up, spanks her, fucks her pussy, shoves a butt plug up her ass, gives her another enema, and cums into her mouth while she expels the enema into a bucket (sitting on an “enema high chair”)

Spanking, Bondage, Enemas and Sex
(Film Code 127.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Spanking, bondage, enemas and sex for Roxy & Veronica!

Veronica returns to her Master with a new girl in tow, a friend named Roxy. Roxy is new to S/M, enemas and anal play. To her surprise, she likes heavy spanking/paddling, and can take a good amount. But anal play scares her a lot! By contrast, Veronica loves enemas and can take a monster-sized metal nozzle without blinking...

Veronica’s Master spanks and paddles both girls. Then he hogties them together, fucks them in every hole, and gives them 2 rounds of simultaneous enemas – which they expel sharing one toilet side-by-side.

To finish up, simultaneous enemas for both girls while they’re tied up together on a table, with a spandex hood imprisoning Roxy’s head. Afterwards, they expel this latest enema into buckets and on the toilet

Not Your Typical Date: Eden's S/M Date
(Film Code 124.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Eden, still immobilized by the mummifying cling-wrap bondage, expels her enema into a bucket, from a high chair

Featuring : Eden and Andre Chance

Length: 115.5 minutes

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(opens in separate tab)

Eden, a lovely blonde, is in for a big surprise when her date takes her home!

Before she knows it, she finds herself suspended on a sex swing! And, shortly afterwards, she’s hogtied and gets spanked... She also gets paddled and whipped at length, all over, including on her pussy. Her breasts get paddled and then receive nipple clamps and breast pumps. And she gets caned, too. But she likes it all!!

When she needs to pee, her date makes her pee through her panties, onto the floor, while still hogtied on the sex swing! After she gets released from the swing, she has to mop the floor with her hands tied up behind her back, and her panties down to her ankles – a very awkward, but intensely sexy, mopping job! While she stands up, her pussy gets finger-fucked.

Just when she thought her date couldn’t get any more kinky, she finds herself carried swung over the shoulder, then put down on a table and masturbated with a wand vibrator. She gets hogtied with cling wrap, and her ass gets stuffed up with anal beads.

While hogtied, she has to suck her date’s cock while her ass is still stuffed with anal beads. Next, while still immobilized, she is given a large enema, with a clear bag, a large plastic nozzle and a flow indicator; she has no choice but to soak it up to the last drop!

When it’s time to expel her enema, she gets seated on an enema “high chair”, still mummified with cling-wrap, and her only option is to expel into buckets below. She’s also given another enema in this position. After she’s finally freed, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

How's that for a first date! But she likes it, and cums twice...

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 2 (Balloon Nozzles)
(Film Code 123.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Advanced Enema Techniques!

Missy and Veronica trade enemas with DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLES.

First, Missy gives one to Veronica. Then Veronica reciprocates – while Missy is suspended UPSIDE-DOWN!

For the first enema, Missy makes Veronica lean against a table, oils her up, and ties her up to the table. After some spanking, Missy administers an enema using a double-balloon nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator. During the enema, Missy masturbates Veronica with a magic-wand vibrator. Afterwards, Veronica expels her enema into a bucket, in full sight, and finishes up on the toilet, with Missy straddling her lap.

For the second enema, Veronica suspends Missy from the ceiling by her ankles! She gives Missy an enema with a double-balloon nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator. During the enema, the girls masturbate each other. Missy is petite, and after soaking up a full bag, her belly is noticeably distended... After being released from bondage, Missy expels her enema into a bucket and on the toilet.

(See also Vol.1 and Vol.3)

How to Give an Enema, Vol. 1 (Basic Enemas)
(Film Code 122.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Missy and Veronica will teach you how to give an enema to your partner! They demonstrate on each other, starting with a very basic enema, and progressing to more complex ones. You’ll learn techniques about Pleasure Enemas, and you’ll enjoy the sexy sensuality and vivaciousness of Missy and Veronica!

A perfect movie to share with your enema-shy partner, or to introduce them to enemas for the first time.

In Vol. 1, Missy kisses, undresses and oils up Veronica. Then she masturbates her with a vibrator and takes her rectal temperature. She gives her a full-bag enema using a red bag with a standard nozzle and a flow indicator. Veronica holds the water with the help of a butt plug and some masturbation. Afterwards, she expels her enema on the toilet.

Next, they trade roles: Veronica gives Missy a suppository and an enema across her lap, using a giant squeeze bulb with a long, hard nozzle. Missy, with a noticeably distended belly, expels her enema into buckets, in full view, while sitting on an “enema high chair”! Then she finishes up on the toilet.

(For more advanced techniques, see Vol.2 and Vol.3)

Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia Gets Sent Back
(Film Code 121.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Even more brutal and humiliating treatment for Natalia, after she gets sent back to the Reform School.

The Schoolmaster ties her up and spanks, canes and paddles her – hard and at length. Afterwards, he slips a butt plug up her ass, and for added humiliation he violates her pussy by masturbating her with a wand vibrator.

Natalia remains tied up, and gets fucked in every hole.

Next, Natalia – still tied up – gets an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle! A flow indicator will help you visualize every drop of water forcing its way up Natalia’s colon, from the full-bag enema... While holding the enema water, Natalia gets whipped with a belt. When she’s finally allowed to expel the water, she has to do it in full view of the Schoolmaster, into a bucket, and then finish up on the toilet, again in full view.

Not content with all that, the Schoolmaster places Natalia on a fucking machine that violates both her pussy and ass while she is tied up and gagged. Meanwhile, Natalia also gets whipped. With so much stimulation, the slutty schoolgirl ends up squirting all over the floor, which of course only increases her embarrassment...

Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia
(Film Code 120.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Natalia can fool people with her angelic facade, which let her get away with a whole school year of mischief. But when she’s finally sent to Reform School, she’s due for a nasty “backlog” of punishment!

Pain and humiliation galore! Including whipping, enema, caning, belt whipping, hogtie bondage, BJ, cum in mouth, enema expulsion on toilet, very humiliating masturbation, dousing with a jet of cold water, 10 anal beads at once, suppository, clothespins on nipples, hot wax, mouth gags, etc. etc.

By the end, she seems fully reformed – well, until she gets re-sent to the Reform School (as you can see in her later film!)

Teen Drops Out of School and Gets Punished with Enema, Blow Job & Upside-Down Water Torture
(Film Code 119.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Bad-schoolgirl Raven decides to drop out of school!

The Schoolmaster gives up on reforming her to stay in school, and punishes her AT LENGTH for dropping out!

It's hogtie bondage, nipple and clit clamps, 3 thermometers in all holes, enema (hogtied) with colonic tube, foot-job and BJ mid-enema, enema expulsion on toilet.

Then, while Raven is suspended UPSIDE-DOWN by her ankles, she gets anal beads, tickling, paddling with riding crop, whipping, and dousing with a jet of cold water.

Schoolgirl Friends Discover Spanking & Enemas in Bondage
(Film Code 118.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Schoolgirl Athena's lollipop later gets her in trouble...

Featuring : Athena, Helena and Andre Chance

Length: 86.5 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from MyFirstKinkySex
(opens in separate tab)

Helena and Athena are two schoolgirls who are curious about the world of BDSM. They seek out the Schoolmaster of a Reform School where some of their schoolmates had the misfortune of being sent to. The cheeky girls ask him to show them what it's all about! And indeed he shows them...

The two schoolgirls get to undress each other, and learn about spanking and being spanked, bondage, enemas, pussy eating, toe licking, nipple clamps, mouth gags, ice cubes, finger-fucking both holes, and more! Sometimes they are on the receiving end from the Schoolmaster, while at other times they practice on each other – and have their first lesbian experience!

They receive simultaneous enemas, while in hogtie bondage together, following a suppository. The get masturbated mid-enema and afterwards, while they hold the enema water. Afterwards, they both expel their enemas on the toilet, at times sharing one seat!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Rachel
(Film Code 117.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Hard punishment and humiliation galore for Rachel, a schoolgirl with a big attitude problem!

Spanking, caning, paddling and a suppository are just the warm-up... Then, it's time to be put in hogtie bondage and to submit to: whipping (including on breasts), fucking in all 3 holes, foot job, cum in mouth, “drilldo” (a spinning dildo attached to a drill), nipple and clit clamps, masturbation with vibrator, and a large enema (with red bag, flow indicator and large plastic nozzle.)

For final humiliation, Rachel has to expel her enema into buckets, in clear view, while sitting on an “enema high chair.” More enema expulsion on toilet.

Taylor and Katie's Spank & Enema (Mis)Adventure
(Film Code 115.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Katie (L) likes to toy with Taylor

Featuring : Katie, Taylor and Andre Chance

Length: 104 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from MyFirstKinkySex
(opens in separate tab)

Young and naïve, Taylor falls prey to the kinky seductions of the devious Katie, a friend of her sister.

Katie takes advantage of her new job as apprentice assistant to the Headmaster of a reform school. She lures Katie to her workplace, preying on her curiosity. Then she awes her with all the S/M toys, and makes her move!

It starts with a lot of kissing, licking, wrestling and getting undressed. But then, to Taylor’s astonishment, gears shift to getting whipped and masturbated – and even having to insert a tampon in Katie’s pussy! Next in Taylor’s initiation to S/M is learning how to be on the giving end. With a little tutoring from the Headmaster, and a lot of trepidation and giggling, Taylor learns how to spank and whip Katie. To Taylor’s incredulous astonishment, Katie is a pain slut who laughs through it all, even when the Headmaster spanks, whips and canes her hard!

Among the implements that Taylor learns to use on Katie are a whip, a leather strap that imprints the word “SLUT”, a wooden ruler, a cane, a hair brush, a ping-pong paddle and a belt.

Next, Taylor soothes Katie’s burning butt with ice cubes. Then the Headmaster and Katie take turns spanking Taylor OTK and finger-fucking her pussy. Afterwards, Taylor and Katie indulge in some great kissing, licking and masturbation.

Taylor finds her initiation into S/M accelerating dramatically when her devious friend Katie brings in the S/M Master that she works for. He hogties both girls together tightly, drenches them in oil – and slips a suppository up each girl’s butt! Meanwhile, Taylor and Katie keep slithering over each other, kissing and sensuously licking each other’s ears.

At the opposite end of their bodies, the Master uses Taylor and Katie's oiled-up feet to gratify his insatiable cock. Then he makes the girls suck it, until he cums into their mouths.

Next, it’s simultaneous enemas for both girls, while still hogtied together! One gets a clear bag, and one a red bag. Both get large nozzles, and a flow indicator on their enema lines. Mid-enema, their Master takes pity of their inflating bellies, and masturbates both girls with a large wand vibrator.

Upon being freed, with their bellies distended from soaking up their respective enema bags to the last drop, the girls would love nothing better than to dash to the toilet... But, no, their wicked Master makes Katie hold her water while Taylor sits on an a hollow high chair and has to let her enema water out into a bucket below! Meanwhile, she gets masturbated by Katie. Afterwards, it’s Katie’s turn on the embarrassing “enema high chair”, letting it all out into buckets...

When they’re finally allowed to the toilet, Taylor and Katie discover that they still have plenty of water inside their bellies – and there’s only one toilet! They have no choice but to both squeeze onto the same toilet seat!

After getting relief from their intense enemas, Taylor and Katie recover with a sensual shower together.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Irina and Iris, Vol. 2
(Film Code 114.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

[Continued from Vol. 1]
Irina & Iris (aka Lexie) are two yummy schoolgirls with an intense rivalry. They got left alone at a Reform School (see Vol. 1)
Iris, the more aggressive of the two, had cut a deal with the Schoolmaster: she got less punishment, in exchange for her taking care of disciplining her rival Irina...
For starters, Iris makes Irina – who had been left hogtied – lick her toes. Then Iris bites Irina all over, at length! After freeing her, Iris slaps her, kisses her – and swings her across her lap, proceeding to spank her extensively.

Iris is out-of-bounds! She applies nipple clamps and a clit clamp. She douses Irina with oil, finger-fucks her pussy and ass, slips in a butt plug, and uses a strap-on to fuck Irina's mouth and pussy.
Next, Iris hogties Irina in an awkward position and uses a “drilldo” (sex machine) on her. She applies a mouth gag and masturbates her with a wand vibrator.

If that weren't bad enough, Iris gives Irina a large enema, using a DOUBLE-BALLOON enema nozzle, an enema bag and a flow indicator! When it’s time to expel the enema, Irina is made to sit on a “humiliation chair”: a metal scaffold that keeps her legs apart and shows everything as she expels the water into a bucket below. Her belly is exquisitely distended by all the water pushed into her colon! For final humiliation, Iris masturbates her while she’s expelling her enema...

Schoolgirl Reform School: Irina and Iris, Vol. 1
(Film Code 113.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Irina & Iris (aka Lexie) are two delectable schoolgirls with an intense rivalry, which flares up when they both get sent to Reform School.

The Schoolmaster makes them strip each other and then subjects them to an intense series of whipping, paddling and caning while they’re in a very humiliating hogtied position. For further humiliation, the Schoolmaster slips suppositories up their butts and uses the hogtied girls’ feet & mouths to gratify his throbbing cock – until he cums into their mouths.

As if all that weren’t enough, each girl has to deal with the other’s anger at having gotten her in trouble! Iris even keeps biting Irina while they’re tied up side-by-side...

[Continued in Vol. 2]

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

S/M Enema Debutante
(Film Code 111.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Leila, driven by curiosity, seeks out an S/M Master. Leila, a very fit brunette with long dreadlocks, is a wide-eyed and nervous first-timer. But she coyly admits that she likes to be at her Master’s mercy, and be told to do things. Perhaps unwisely, she blurts out: "I think I can handle anything you’ve got."

The Master takes her up on that! He ties her up, fucks her in every hole, cums in her mouth, and introduces her heavy paddling, whipping, enemas, vibrators and breast pumps.

The enemas, preceded by a suppository, are delivered using a red bag, a flow indicator and a large nozzle. They are administered while Leila sits tied up on a metal scaffold (“humiliation high chair”) – and she has to expel the water in the same position, into a bucket underneath her.

Afterwards, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

Later, the Master brings in his lovely assistant Alexa, a sizzling blonde who give Leila more hard whipping and paddling, using leather and wooden paddles, and a belt. In addition, Alexa performs some very sexy scratching and biting.

At the end, the Master comes back to hogtie together Leila and Alexa, and finger-fucks their asses. Alexa, as an assistant-in-training who did a good job, gets a devil’s tail butt plug as a reward! (PS: no enema for Alexa this time, but you can see her take enemas in all her other films)

Huge Butt Plug, Enema & Paddling for Schoolgirl
(Film Code 110.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Lexie, a beautiful schoolgirl with a bad attitude, ends up in Reform School. The Headmaster disciplines her extensively: paddling, a large enema (which she has to hold, and then expel in full view), a suppository, whipping, riding crop, a vibrator stuck inside her pussy with tape, etc. The Headmaster even makes her crawl around the room wearing a HUGE butt plug with a horse tail!

However, Lexie is so slutty that she handles everything pretty well – or even enjoys it!

But finally something makes her reconsider her bad school behavior: hogtie bondage, a gag, clothespins on her breasts, hot wax and being doused with a jet of cold water...

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