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3-Hole Fuck/Enema/Spank Discipline for Schoolgirl
(Film Code 109.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)
Schoolgirl Calyx receives humiliating enemas, padding and whipping while in suspension bondage. She also gets fucked in all 3 holes by the Headmaster.

Featuring : Calyx and Andre Chance and Larry

Length: 71 minutes

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Gorgeous schoolgirl Calyx ends up in reform school, where she gets plenty of corporal punishment and humiliation by a Schoolmaster and his male assistant.

Calyx’s disciplining includes a variety of paddles and a riding crop, hogtie ceiling suspension, full-bag enema, suppository, whipping, nipple clamps, open-mouth gag, and a dousing with a jet of cold water!

For extra humiliation, she gets fucked in all 3 holes while tied up on a sex swing, and get cum in her mouth!

The enema, delivered while Calyx is hogtied, uses a red bag, a large nozzle and a flow indicator. She has to expel it into a bucket, in full view, while still suspended from the ceiling, and later finishes up expelling it on the toilet.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Katana's Caning & Enemas
(Film Code 108.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Katana, a cute brunette, is insolent and not repentant. However, she changes her tune after the Schoolmaster puts her in hogtie bondage and delivers severe corporal punishment (incl. caning, spanking, paddling and clothespins on nipples), plus 3 humiliating enemas – 3 bags she has no choice but to soak up to the last drop, while hogtied and gagged!

For extra humiliation, Katana’s mouth is violated with the Headmaster’s cum, and her butt is further violated with 2 suppositories and a full stick of butter!

One of the enemas uses a long colonic tube, fully inserted. Another enema uses a double inflatable balloon nozzle. All enemas make use of flow indicators to show you the water filling up Katana’s colon.

One enema is expelled on the toilet, one into buckets while suspended from the ceiling, and one is expelled sitting on a “humiliation chair”, a metal scaffold with a bucket underneath!

By the end, as she finishes expelling her 3rd enema on the toilet, Katana is in tears – and promises she’ll behave much better in school!

Upside-Down Enema and Colonic Tube Enemas
(Film Code 107.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Veronica gets an enema upside down

Featuring : Veronica and Andre Chance

Length: 32.5 minutes

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Veronica is a hot Latina with sizable breasts. She likes enemas – and she gets plenty of them!

After a little strip-tease, she gets hogtied to a bed by her Master, who whips, paddles and canes her. Now “warmed up” for her first enema, she gets filled up with a full bag. How does a fully-inserted 16" (40 cm) colonic tube sound? Well, how about if that tube gets RE-INSERTED 4 TIMES?! That’s what she gets! She later expels her enema into buckets, while still hogtied, and then finishes up on the toilet.

Next, she gets placed upside-down on an “inversion table” and receives an enema in that position! She later expels it into a bucket and on the toilet.

Enema Sex and Hogtie Spanking for Kinky Chica
(Film Code 106.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Veronica is a spicy Latina with large breasts and a hot body that resists being confined in her sexy, skimpy clothing! She continues her exploration of kinky sexuality with her Master – and discovers the joy of enema sex when, after her enema, she gets fucked in every hole and on every surface on her body! (Feet, breasts, hands, ...)

She soaks up her enema, hogtied to a table, after a suppository and a rectal thermometer. She admits that she has reached the point where she likes enemas.

The newest toy for Veronica is a “drilldo”: a spinning dildo attached to a drill.

As always, plenty of spanking, paddling and whipping while hogtied in different positions.

Veronica, tightly hogtied reclining back on a wedge, gets breast pumps on her lovely melons, and a monster-sized metal nozzle forced up her yummy tight ass by her Master! To lube her up for such a large object, a whole stick of butter goes up her ass first!

Then Veronica gets filled up with a full-bag enema, which she expels into buckets (still hogtied) and finally on the toilet.

Enema SADIST: First Enema Gone Awry!
(Film Code 104.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

For Sadists Only! If you like to see girls cry from intense inflatable-balloon enemas in hogtie bondage, this is the film for you...

Gorgeous schoolgirl Jessica is such an extreme pain slut that she breezed through the severe punishment of Reform School having a grand time (see Jessica’s first film.) To try something different, the Schoolmaster gives her as a “slave-girl plaything” to his hot new girlfriend Tempest, to have fun with!

Tempest is initially astonished and, being new to S/M, she doesn’t really know what to do – but before long she discovers her Inner Sadist... Which is a powerful one!

With some help from her boyfriend, Tempest learns how to spank, paddle, belt, whip and cane Jessica (who, as usual, is as happy as a kid in the candy store!) The action is HEAVY, and by the end Jessica’s body is red and covered in welts all over...

Jessica also gets cherry tomatoes up her butt, clothespins on her nipples – and some tickling!

Tempest makes Jessica climb onto a Sybian. While Jessica rides it, she gets doused in oil, and rubbed with ice cubes – some of which get slipped inside breast pumps applied to her.

Next, Tempest gets to ride the Sybian herself, while oiled-up Jessica rubs herself all over Tempest from behind.

Tempest, though capable of doling out punishment, is herself quite delicate. She gets introduced to enemas in an over-the-top way by her sadistic boyfriend. For starters, he puts her in tight hogtie bondage together with super-slutty Jessica, who as usual has a grand time through everything.

Tempest had never been tied up or dominated before. She does barely OK with breast pumps, mouth gags, forced masturbation, extensive whipping, thermometers in all 3 holes, and a whole butter stick up her butt. Jessica, tied up alongside her, gets identical treatment.

Both girls also perform a BJ and a foot job, while still tied up.

But a large enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle proves too much for Tempest, and she breaks into tears and loud sobbing (through her mouth gag) for a long time! Jessica took her own enema alongside. Both girls then expel their enemas into buckets, while still hogtied together.

Tempest is still shaken after she gets freed up and finishes up on the toilet – still handcuffed to Jessica, who has to share the toilet. The girls straddle each other and cuddle up on the toilet seat, rubbing each other’s bellies.

The tears are very real: if they weren’t, you’d see Tempest on the podium at the Oscar awards!

Why did Tempest cry so much? Cramps, sure. Fullness, sure. But perhaps more than anything else it was the intensity of the complete experience: so much, so intense for her first time. Don’t try this at home!!

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Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy
(Film Code 102.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Young Ariana, a very slim, lovely brunette, gathers up the courage to see a sex therapist. Oh boy, does she need it! She’s shy, inexperienced, repressed, uptight, fragile and generally neurotic about sex – especially anything that’s not “100% vanilla.”

Unbeknown to her, she’s in for a very kinky shock-therapy treatment, far beyond what she even knew existed!

The therapist warms her up by making her do a strip-tease. Then he keep her lying naked on the analyst’s couch, with a blindfold on, while he introduces her to many sensations: caresses, masturbation, 4 fingers in her pussy, a vibrator, and 2 fingers up her ass.

Ariana's introduction to kinky play kicks off with a thermometer that probes all her 3 holes... Followed by a cheese stick that does the same!

Next, she gets doused in oil. Nicely lubed up, she gets a speculum slipped up her pussy! Then the therapist introduces her to the over-the-knee position: he masturbates her, finger fucks her pussy and ass, and lightly spanks her. Before she starts crying, he sends her off to take a shower.

To poor Ariana this is all extremely kinky – but she doesn’t realize that it’s just the very beginning... When she returns from the shower, she’s stunned to find a schoolgirl, standing with her wrists tied up to the ceiling!

The schoolgirl is Raven, a nymphet from the Reform School where the therapist serves as headmaster. He decided to use Raven’s punishment as a learning experience for Ariana – and gives Raven to Ariana as a “sex toy.”

Ariana, who’s never been with a girl and is scared/repelled by the concept (not to mention terrorized by bondage and BDSM), doesn't have the foggiest idea of what to do... The therapist introduces her to how to spank, paddle, whip, belt, cane and masturbate a girl, how to periodically probe her pussy to see how wet she’s getting, how to apply nipple clamps, how to use ice cubes, etc.

Pain-slut Raven laughs through everything, as usual; it’s the scared-bunny giver, not the receiver, who’s intensely shaken by it all!

After Raven and the sex therapist finger-fuck Ariana’s pussy and ass, it’s time for the girls to jump onto two large fucking machines! Predictably, timid Ariana is terrified while mega-slut Raven has a grand time. When she needs to pee, Raven has no problem peeing in bucket. She enjoys the double dildo (pussy+ass) on the machine, while Ariana seems to suffer with her single dildo.

The therapist finally pulls out his cock and makes both girls suck it! Raven sucks it well, while Ariana is so inept and squeamish that the therapist puts on open mouth gag on her and fucks her mouth through it, while Raven holds her head.

It’s now time for the girls to become “enema sisters”! The therapist hogties them together – a first for Ariana – and puts mouth gags on both. Then it’s a simultaneous double enema, with two bags, large nozzles and flow indicators. As you can guess, Raven soaks up a full bag without complaints, while Ariana is horrified all along: it’s the first enema in her whole life and (like most things) she doesn’t take it well!

Then both girls, having no choice because they’re still hogtied, expel their enemas into buckets.

Afterwards, they get freed and sent off to take a shower together. Mid-shower, they take turns dashing out to the nearby toilet – and you can hear the rest of their enema water finally coming out!

When they’re both back in the shower, Raven makes Ariana eat her pussy, and also eats Ariana’s pussy.

More Reform School For Raven: Enemas, Spanking, Hogtied and BJ
(Film Code 100.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Hot-schoolgirl Raven got in trouble in school – again! So, she gets sent back for the second time to the Reform School.

The schoolmaster is angry that Raven didn't learn her lesson last time, and subjects her to more heavy-handed corporal punishment and humiliation.

For starters, paddling with a strap and a riding crop. Then, OTK, a large butt plug, with a pig tail – which brings Raven into tears! The crying might have as much to do with the anticipation of what's coming up than just with the butt plug... She's right to worry!

Next, it's rubber bands on Raven's nipples and a bit-style mouth gag. She's led on an awkward back crawl by a leash attached to her collar -- and gets dripped hot wax on her.

It's now time for hogtie bondage on a sex swing, in a delicious OB/GYN position. More wax, followed by a lit candle up her pussy.

After that, while Raven is still hogtied on the sex swing, the schoolmaster makes her suck his cock and lick his cum!

Raven is then freed and gets an OTK enema, on the edge of a bathtub, with a large nozzle, a flow indicator and a red bag. She soaks up the full bag and holds the water while suffering from cramps. Then she expels on the toilet.

Finally, she's hogtied again and left in the dark, naked on a cold cement floor...

Later, the School Master returns, and this time enlists help from Alexa, a former bad schoolgirl herself (now a sexy college cheerleader); she has a desire to dish out to other girls from her former school what she has had to endure herself...

Almost the entire time, the School Master and Alexa keep Raven in hogtie bondage and gagged. After "getting Raven's attention" by drenching her with a pot of cold water, the School Master makes her suck his cock – thru the open mouth gag – while Alexa spanks, paddles, whips, belt whips and masturbates her.

At other times, the School Master spanks/paddles both girls, and makes both suck his cock. He also fucks their tits and gets a foot job from both.

Not content with that, he directs Alexa to give Raven an enema -- while Raven is hogtied and mouth-fucked by the School Master! Raven gets oiled up all over and takes a suppository. Next, she soaks up a full enema bag (with a large nozzle and a flow indicator) – and then holds the water while her opposite end gets filled up by the School Master's cum, which then drips on her breasts, and Alexa licks off her! Raven's belly is now distended from all the water (a lot for her, because she's petite.)

Finally, she's allowed to expel the enema in a bucket – while she gets caned and has breast pumps applied to her! Afterwards, she's at last freed and finishes expelling the enema on the toilet, while Alexa kisses her and sucks her breasts.

Upside-Down Discipline for Raven at Reform School
(Film Code 099.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Raven is a hot schoolgirl with a truly bad attitude. But she gets straightened out with heavy-handed corporal punishment and humiliation at the Reform School.

The schoolmaster swings her across his lap and spanks, paddles, whips, belts and canes her. Then he puts her in hogtie bondage, upside down on an inversion table. While Raven is upside down, the schoolmaster whips her at length and makes her suck his cock, until he cums in her mouth; then he cleans her out by drenching her with a cold-water hose! He “warms her up” with a riding crop, before finally taking her down...

Raven’s punishment is far from over! The schoolmaster applies nipple clamps, a metal mouth gag and clothespins on her nipples. Next, he sticks a suppository up her butt.

When poor Raven needs to pee, she has to pee onto the floor while she sits astride the schoolmaster’s lap – and then Raven has to mop her own pee from the floor!

The sadistic schoolmaster swings Raven across his laps and positions her almost upside-down, with her arms on the floor. First, he gives her an enema with a large, antique metal syringe. Then he invades her pussy with fingers and a vibrator. Afterwards, he gives her a full-bag enema with a large nozzle and a flow indicator that lets you see every drop go in.

For final humiliation, he makes Raven expel the enema into a bucket while she sits astride his lap. If that weren’t bad enough, he spreads out her butthole with two fingers to help the water come out! Lastly, he sends Raven to the toilet to finish up. While she expels the rest of the enema on the toilet, the schoolmaster probes her mouth with a finger while Raven recites all the punishment she received today!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Upside Down Pain-Slut Jessica
(Film Code 098.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Unlike other girls, gorgeous Jessica doesn’t seem particularly nervous at the Reform School. It turns out that she's a total Pain Slut!

The School Master goes extra heavy-handed on her, but Jessica smiles and laughs through hard whipping and belting all over (incl. on pussy and breasts), heavy paddling, caning, hogtie bondage, a large bag enema (with flow indicator and sizable nozzle), enema expulsion on the toilet, face slapping, a large butt plug, and upside-down suspension by her ankles.

The corporal punishment is SEVERE: you’ll be able to see welts all over Jessica’s body, and her distended belly from the large enema. But Jessica is such a slut that she even cums during the enema!

During the upside suspension, she gets nipple clamps, a suppository, whipping all over – including on her pussy – and spraying with a cold water jet, through a garden hose.

She sports a delighted smile through it all... Every time the School Master checks Jessica’s pussy, it’s very wet. Ah, those pain sluts – not easy to punish them!!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Hogtie BJ, Enemas, Caning & Fucking Machine for Alexa
(Film Code 092.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Sexy Alexa is super-nervous as she arrives at the Reform School. She would be even more nervous if she knew her tough choice: face expulsion from her prestigious private school, or face Corporal Punishment...

In retrospect, Alexa might have chosen expulsion if she had known how extensive, humiliating and harsh the corporal punishment would be!!

Getting stripped naked, paddled and slapped in the face by the Reform School Master is just the beginning! Next, she’s placed in hogtie bondage and caned. While naked and thoroughly immobilized, her tight ass gets violated by a suppository and an enema, with a large nozzle, a flow indicator and an enema bag. Mid-enema, her opposite end gets violated when the schoolmaster shoves his throbbing cock in her mouth and mouth-fucks her mercilessly while she repeatedly gags. He also defiles her lovely feet with his raging cock, and immediately afterwards (no camera cuts) he shoves it back into her mouth.

Alexa endures her ordeal and, as she drips the schoolmaster’s cum from her mouth, she probably assumes that the worst is over... Wrong!

The enema gets resumed, until Alexa soaks up the full bag to the last drop, until the flow indicator stops spinning. Then the schoolmaster shoves a funnel up her butt, and lets some water out. More water comes out when Alexa is finally freed and has to expel into a bucket, in full view. She is allowed to finish on the toilet, where she also pees (in clear view.)

While Alexa is seated on the toilet, the merciless schoolmaster again shoves his cock into her mouth and makes her suck him at length, also fucking her breasts – until he again cums in her mouth.

Next, she has to impale herself on a large fucking machine. The dildo is so large that it gives her an urge to pee, which she has to do in a bucket. After being whipped with a belt, Alexa is hogtied by the sadistic Schoolmaster. He puts tight nipple clamps on her, and suspends them from the ceiling. Then he resumes the merciless machine pounding. Not content with that, he shoves his throbbing cock up Alexa's mouth, while the machine is fucking her pussy.

All along, Alexa is immobilized and deliciously spread-eagled on her back. As she tastes her Schoolmaster’s cum, she’s probably assuming that her corporal punishment is approaching its end. Wrong!

As soon as she’s freed, she gets put in a different hogtie bondage position, and even her mouth gets immobilized with a large metal gag. Next, after getting all covered up in oil and tickled, she is further humiliated by having her temperature taken – in all 3 holes...

But that’s just a warm-up. The merciless Schoolmaster opens up Alexa's tight asshole with a finger, and then shoves a whole butter stick up there! Poor Alexa is now subjected to a full-bag enema, using a large speculum as a nozzle. A flow indicator will let you “feel” the water stretching Alexa’s colon. For a final humiliation, Alexa has to expel her enema into a bucket, through the speculum, while she’s still tied up. Later, she's at last untied and finishes expelling her large enema on the toilet.

Banana TP, Hogtie Enemas, 3-Hole Sex and Caning for Schoolgirl
(Film Code 087.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Lovely Melanie looks like a serious schoolgirl, with her charming uniform and sexy British accent. But she ends up in a Reform School because of serious misdeeds. Her hard choice: face expulsion from her prestigious private school, or face Corporal Punishment...

In retrospect, Melanie might have chosen expulsion if she had known how extensive, humiliating and harsh the corporal punishment would be!!

Stripped naked, spanked, paddled, whipped with a belt, and caned by the Reform Schoolmaster until her butt is flaming red... And that’s just the beginning! Next, hogtie bondage, a devil-tail butt plug in all her 3 holes, fucking in all 3 holes, eating the Schoolmaster's cum, and even triple penetration with 3 bananas!

Also, a metal gag, forcing her mouth open, and 2 rounds of full-bag enemas, one of them with a gigantic metal nozzle. All enemas use a clear bag and a flow meter, so that you can clearly see the water going in. And you'll equally well see the water going out because both times Melanie has no choice but to expel into buckets (sometimes through a funnel), while still hogtied! To round up the brutal punishment, she gets paddled with a riding crop while holding the enema water, and gets caned again at the very end! She’s in hogtie bondage most of the time, sometimes with her legs and arms hanging from the ceiling...

Hogtie Enemas and Caning in Suspension for Schoolgirl Leila
(Film Code 086.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Leila is petite, looks angelic, and claims innocence when sent to a Reform School for some serious misdeeds. However, as the Schoolmaster delivers a brutal corporal punishment, Leila reveals her true self: a feisty, unrepentant fireball of a girl!

Leila’s extended ordeal includes hogtie bondage, spanking, caning, multiple enemas, hot wax, and having to suck the Schoolmaster’s cock and taste his cum.

The Schoolmaster places Leila on a sex swing, and proceeds to spank her, paddle her with a riding crop, and cane her. Then he strips her completely naked and applies hogtie bondage, nipple clamps and a clit clamps.

For extra humiliation, Leila’s ass gets stuffed with a pig-tail butt plug, and her mouth gets stuffed up with the Schoolmaster’s cock! But first he uses her feet to gratify his cock.

Next, it's milk enemas with a huge squeeze bulb, a water enema from a bag, with a large nozzle and a flow meter. The enemas are expelled into buckets and on the toilet, in full view.

For additional punishment and humiliation, Leila has to endure face slapping, oil dousing, tickling, whipping with a belt, fucking by a machine (pussy & ass), a metal open-mouth gag, and hot wax.

Throughout the lengthy punishment, Leila squirms around and talks back. Definitely a bad girl in need of serious discipline!

Hogtie Enemas, Caning and Hot Wax at Reform School
(Film Code 083.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Janelle looks like a good girl in her uniform. But she has a long discipline file, and she has to endure the harsh corporal methods of a Reform School.

The school Master delivers hard paddling (including on her pussy), spanking and caning, OTK milk enemas with a turkey baster (expelled on the toilet), more enemas in hogtie bondage, cheese and butter sticks up her ass, ice cubes, breast pumps, metal gags and yet more enemas (with large nozzles, red bag and flow indicators), and more...

Plus the humiliation of expelling the enemas and peeing in full view, awkwardly while in hogtie bondage, and on the toilet!

Plus the extra humiliation of getting her pussy fucked, and having to suck cock, lick ass and eat cum!

While washing off in the shower, Janelle hopes that’s the end of her intense punishment at the Reform School. But, no, she gets yanked out of the shower – naked and dripping wet – by the Schoolmaster, who starts pouring hot wax all over her!

When she dares to resist, he puts her in handcuffs and, shoving the lit candle in her mouth, he applies clothespins to her breasts and nipples. Then he whips her with a riding crop – on her pussy, too! – and with a cane. The Master then takes the lit candle out of her mouth and shoves it up her pussy and then up her ass, finally extinguishing it on her butt cheek. By now, Janelle is beginning to sound extremely convincing in her promises to mend her bad schoolgirl ways!

Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee
(Film Code 079.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Lovely slave-girl Elena (aka Alyssa) continues her submissive training with an intense paddling and enema session in hogtie bondage, almost upside down. Her Master marks her yummy butt with a paddle that leaves a “SLUT” impression! He also whips her, paddles her pussy, takes off her tampon, and slips a suppository up her ass. He uses a hair brush to paddle her, and then shoves the handle up her pussy and her ass!

Finally, he gives her a full-bag enema, still in the same awkward position (hogtied nearly upside down) and makes her expel it into a bucket. Her belly is still visibly distended when she gets up – and she finishes up her expulsion on the toilet.

Next in stock for Elena is a session with Ivy, a lovely Asian who was a shy schoolgirl until recently, and is now blossoming as a dominant girl in training. Ivy gives Elena a good whipping and a paddling with a ping-pong paddle. Next, she swings her across her lap, and spanks her, masturbates her, and uses a riding crop and whip on her. Then, Ivy dons a strap-on dildo and fucks Elena in her pussy and her ass!

Afterwards, their Master puts both girls in hogtie bondage on a bench, covers them in oil, disciplines them with a belt, makes them suck his cock, and finally gives them a double enema; it’s hypnotic to watch the two flow indicators on their enema lines spin! Elena and Ivy later expel their enemas into buckets – still in bondage.

Submissive Training for Ruby: Enemas, Paddling, Straitjacket and More
(Film Code 071.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Ruby, with arms and legs tied up, about to receive a full-bag enema with a huge metal nozzle. Her butt is still red from whipping. On the towel, notice the butter stick used to lube her up

Featuring : Ruby and Andre Chance

Length: 86 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from EnemaWizardVideo
(opens in separate tab)

Ruby desires to work as a dominatrix – but she’s just a young girl who doesn’t know anything about S/M. So, she turns to an experienced Master. He’s willing to train her, but only if she first trains as a submissive!

That turns into a long ordeal for Ruby, including many enemas (from large squeeze bulbs and a full bag), hard paddling & belt whipping (incl. on her breasts), straitjacket and spreader-bar bondage, a machine (“drilldo”) fucking her pussy & ass, blindfolds, a suppository, enema expulsion in buckets and on the toilet – and even a hair brush that goes up her ass when it’s not being used to paddle her!

Advanced Enemas, BJ and fucking machine for Asian Schoolgirl Ivy
(Film Code 070.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Schoolgirl Ivy, lying down on top of her Master, soaks her up first enema of the day, until her belly gets distended. Later, she expels the enema on the toilet

Featuring : Ivy and Andre Chance

Length: 72 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from EnemaWizardVideo
(opens in separate tab)

Ivy is an unusual schoolgirl who just LOVES enemas. Her Master agrees to give her the ultimate enema experience -- but first she must give him a blow job, while being simultaneously fucked by a large machine!

After a first enema, which she expels on the toilet, the “advanced” work begins… Ivy first gets lubed up with a stick of butter up her ass, and also gets her rectal temperature taken. Afterwards, she receives a very long, 30-inch (76 cm), colonic tube ENTIRELY up her ass, and then gets her ass double-stuffed with a metal anal speculum: with this setup, she can soak up more water -- flowing deep inside her -- while at the same time she expels into a bucket.

If that were not enough, she gets one more enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, and gets spanked mid-enema until her butt is quite red! Finally, she expels into a bucket and, while still squatting on it, she again has to suck her Master’s cock.

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