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The Story of E(nema)
(Film Code 067.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Schoolgirl Samantha, young and beautiful, continues her S/M learning. She’s given a lovely slave girl, Elena (aka Alyssa), to dominate. But Samantha is inexperienced and Elena, who’s more aggressive, ends up turning the tables on her! Great wrestling and pussy eating...

Next, their Master makes both suck his cock, and gives them a double enema – with both girls stacked up on his lap, nearly upside down! For lube, he makes Samantha lick Elena’s butthole, and then he uses a stick of butter, which goes up Samantha’s tight end.

While holding their full-bag enemas, Samantha (with a very distended belly) and Elena need to suck their Master’s cock again. Then, after they expel the water in buckets and on the toilet, the Master cums into their mouths.

Finally, he teaches them spanking, paddling, caning and belt whipping – and he ends up subjecting Samantha and Elena to all those things while they’re tied up together! Masturbation and ice cubes soothe the poor girls as they endure their S/M initiation...

(Note: the title is a reference to the erotic classic “Story of O”)

Enema Spa for Cheerleader Amber
(Film Code 064.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Amber, covered in clay, about to receive her first enema

Featuring : Amber and Andre Chance

Length: 86 minutes

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A shy, young cheerleader, Amber, goes to her first spa treatment - without realizing that it's an ENEMA SPA! After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Amber is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository, rectal and vaginal thermometers, and 2 large enemas, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant. A flow indicator on the hose will let you see the water flowing into her colon.

One of the enemas is administered with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, in a fetching OB-GYN position on the treatment table, after a little masturbation to relax her; at the end, a rectal speculum replaces the nozzle, and water gushes out into a bucket.

Amber is made to hold each enema at length, and receives a sensual sponge bath while holding the water. Since she's petite and slender, her belly looks noticeably -- and enticingly -- distended.

Not Your Typical Date: Jessie's S/M Enema Date
(Film Code 061.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Jessie, a flirtatious, sexy blonde – with tattoos but very feminine and with large breasts – goes on a date with an S/M Master.

Sucking the guy’s cock may not be too unusual on a date, but that’s barely the beginning: next is spanking, enemas (with ass-to-mouth bottle, followed by huge squeeze bulb), bondage, suppository, nipple clamps, paddling, whipping, belting, caning, straitjacket, hot wax, breast pumps and a huge fucking machine for Jessie’s pussy and ass!

Well, not exactly your typical date!

Enema Spa for Vicki
(Film Code 060.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Vicki, still partially covered in clay, nervously anticipates her upcoming enema

Featuring : Vicki and Andre Chance

Length: 113 minutes

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Shy, young Vicki goes to her first spa treatment – without realizing that it’s an ENEMA SPA. After a sensual massage, mud wrap and sponge bath, Vicki is shocked to discover that the Extreme Cleansing regimen also includes a suppository and a large enema, which she's made to expel in buckets and on the toilet, in full view of the spa's male attendant.

When she needs to pee mid-session, on several occasions, she’s made to pee in a bucket, on the massage table.

Next, it’s time for a large bag enema with a double inflatable BALLOON NOZZLE, expulsion into buckets through a metal anal SPECULUM, more enemas through the speculum, a super-large enema with a very long, 30" (76 cm) COLONIC TUBE, so difficult to fully insert that Vicki needs to be lubed up with a stick of butter up her tight entrance. All enemas are expelled into buckets, in full view, and Vicki gets her vaginal temperature taken during one of the enemas.

The enemas are so intense that, to make them bearable, Vicki is allowed to masturbate with a vibrator; she cums after the first big enema, and almost cums a second time.

At the end, Vicki confesses that she has no money to pay for the long sessions! As a punishment, the spa attendant spanks her hard across his lap, until her butt turns quite red.

The Schoolgirl vs. the Pain Slut : Enema/Spanking/Caning Dominance
(Film Code 059.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

18 y.o. schoolgirl Ivy’s S/M lesson is how to become a dominant; she gets to practice on another girl, pain-slut Madison (aka Kitty), under the guidance of their master. But Madison is very feisty, and often turns the tables on Ivy!

With effort – and some catfights – Ivy learns how to spank, paddle, belt and cane a girl (while getting some of that back from the feisty submissive, as well as from her master every time she makes a mistake!) She also learns how to use a hairbrush for paddling – and its handle as a butt/pussy dildo. Finally, she learns how to put a girl in hogtie bondage, and torment her with suppositories, hot wax and large enemas (expelled into buckets and on the toilet.)

Next, Ivy learns breast paddling and pussy belting, practicing on another young girl, Madison, under the guidance of their Master. But Madison has done enough receiving, and is ready to dish it out! She puts Ivy in hogtie bondage and gives her a full-bag enema with a DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLE. At long last, Ivy is given relief and allowed to expel in a bucket and on the toilet, but not before getting a large grape pushed up her ass!

After Madison leaves, Ivy takes a shower and pees in it; then, she gets cleaned up inside by her Master! He ties her up to a sex swing, and puts her legs in a spreader bar. He lubes up her tight entrance by ramming a whole butter stick up her ass.

Next, he gives her several enemas with an extra-long COLONIC TUBE; ultimately, he inserts about 26 inches (66 cm) of it, with a nearby ruler to prove it! With no camera cuts, you'll see the full insertions and withdrawals of the monster tube.

Finally, Ivy is allowed to expel in buckets, which she does at length. She also pees at length.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Alexis
(Film Code 058.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Alexis is a naughty schoolgirl with a bad attitude. But she quickly mends her ways when confronted with harsh discipline in Reform School.

She has to endure spanking, caning, bondage, multiple enemas (expelled in full view), including an enema with a colonic tube, suppositories, eggplants in her pussy and ass, 3 cherries and 3 cheese sticks in all her holes, a whole stick of butter up her ass, nipple clamps with an extra clip for her clit, and more.

The extremely-long colonic tube goes up Alexis’ ass almost completely – except for about 5", i.e. a total of some 25" (63 cm)

By the end, sobbing and in tears, she's fully reformed!

Moxie's First and Last Enema: A Submissive's Weak Spot
(Film Code 056.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Moxie receives her first-ever enema, while hogtied with straitjacket and spreader bar

Featuring : Moxie and Andre Chance

Length: 50.5 minutes

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Moxie can take a SEVERE beating, including spanking, caning, large paddles, hairbrushes and belts. Even on her pussy and breasts. Even while her butt is stuffed up with a suppository and a pig-tail plug.

She is not a pain slut, i.e. someone who truly enjoys pains. She suffers the pain, at times to the point of noticeable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her Master.

However, enemas TERRORIZE her to the point of uncontrollable crying and sobbing! She cries nonstop while she soaks up an enema bag, in hogtie bondage in a straitjacket and spreader bar. When freed at last, she’s gone for good, saying that this is her first and last enema! She was never seen again...

Enemas and Specula for Young Student Nurse
(Film Code 054.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Missy's belly is VERY full from her latest enema. Note the large metal nozzle on the exam table

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 68 minutes

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Missy is a lovely 18 y.o. student nurse who failed her exams for the enema clinic (see her previous training session.) So, she gets a new round of training in the form of receiving a series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, with a gigantic metal nozzle, and with a large douching squeeze bulb. She also gets a suppository, a vaginal speculum exam, and her temp simultaneously taken orally, vaginally and rectally.

For additional embarrassment, she’s made to expel her enemas in the toilet in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams. Furthermore, her butt hole is spread out with a metal speculum right after an enema, which flows out into a bucket.

At last, to relieve Missy from enema cramps, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a sensual oil massage – accompanied by masturbation with a vibrator. She has earned it, after her ordeal! A very tender and sexy post-enema "recovery" period...

Teen Reform School: Penney's Caning, Enemas, Blow Job and Cold Shower
(Film Code 053.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Penney is a schoolgirl who didn't learn her lesson (see her first film.) So, she gets sent back to Reform School.

The schoolmaster gives her an even harder punishment than last time: extended caning, whipping all over (including on pussy & breasts), multiple enemas, peeing and enema expulsion in full view, suppositories, nipple clamps, breast pumps, panties shoved up her pussy, bondage and even cold showers! Penney also has to give him a blow job and taste his cum.

By the end, Penney sounds truly repentant!

Punishment is a REWARD for Me!
(Film Code 051.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Miss Kitty is a fiery, dominant brunette who wants a job as a disciplinarian at a reform school for girls. However, she must first learn to submit to the male schoolmaster. Arrogant Miss Kitty boasts that “Punishment is a REWARD for me” – and so she gets put to the test!

The master subjects her to the range of punishments that reform-school girls have to endure: enemas, spanking, paddling, caning, suppositories, ice cubes, clothespins, breast pumps, etc. Miss Kitty is also humiliated by being led around the room like a dog on a leash, by having to pee into a house plant, and by having to give the master a blow job while her butthole is stuffed up with a pig-tail plug.

She even gets an enema with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while she’s virtually upside down, on her master’s lap, with clothespins on her nipples – and that makes her cum!

Miss Kitty handles everything well, including heavy caning and paddling. It becomes obvious that she wasn’t lying when she said she ENJOYS pain. Impressed, the male master offers her the job and gives her a reward in the form of a ride on a double-dildo fucking machine.

Runaway's Med Exams & Enemas
(Film Code 050.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Missy nervously contemplates her upcoming enema with a monster-sized metal nozzle

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 87 minutes

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(opens in separate tab)

Missy is a beautiful 18 y.o. runaway who trains as a nurse. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas – including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. When she can’t take it any more, she gets immobilized in a straitjacket and receives yet another enema! Missy’s embarrassment is greatly increased by having to expel her enemas (into buckets and in the toilet) in clear sight of the male doctor who performs her exams.

The doctor even changes her tampon, shoves a suppository up her butt, and simultaneously takes her rectal, vaginal and oral temps. When Missy gets cramps from the enemas, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a full-body massage.

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Runaway Schoolgirl's Trials As Kinky Sex Slave
(Film Code 047.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Missy gets dressed up elegantly before her strip-tease

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 56 minutes

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(opens in separate tab)

Missy is a gorgeous schoolgirl who got expelled and ran away from home. In need of a place, she seeks out the master of a reform school, with whom she had interacted before. He agrees to let her stay – but on condition that she becomes his live-in slave!

For starters, Missy is made to entertain him with sexy strip-teases. He swings her across his lap, shoves a suppository up her butt, and makes her dance some more!

Then Missy is locked up in a box, covered in oil, and spanked/paddled/caned through a hole. Next, she’s made to ride the pussy and ass double dildo of a large fucking machine, while masturbating. Later, back with her upper body inside the box, she’s given an enema with a large squeeze bulb. That’s when Missy really freaks out!

Teen Reform School: Jade's Straitjacket Punishment with Caning, Enemas & Fucking Machines
(Film Code 046.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Corporal punishment for Jade, a delicate schoolgirl, Asian/White mix, who is both innocent and slutty. She got in big trouble in school, and gets sent to reform school.

There, she gets put in a straitjacket by the schoolmaster, and receives a brutal, humiliating and lengthy series of spanking, caning, enemas (including with a long colonic tube), ice cubes, nipple clamps, suppositories, rectal thermometers and more.

She also gets fucked by a large machine (while still in the straitjacket), gets her butt rammed with butter sticks and cherry tomatoes, and is made to pee and expel the enemas in buckets and on the toilet.

Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!
(Film Code 045.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Young Ivy discovers the Sybian - at times pulled up and down by her breasts!

Featuring : Ivy and Andre Chance

Length: 87.5 minutes

SEE MORE / DOWNLOAD from MyFirstKinkySex
(opens in separate tab)

Ivy is a schoolgirl who is driven by a curiosity that overcomes her intense shyness. She goes to see the Headmaster of the reform school where some of her classmates (Missy and Gypsy) recently got punished. She is burning with curiosity to find out what exactly happened to them – and why they said they got a little turned on during their punishment...

Ivy gets coaxed into stepping into a world where punishment and pleasure intermingle, and she learns about spanking, enemas (including orange-juice enemas!), hogtie bondage, suppositories, sybians, “drilldos”, caning and a lot more!

Some things she doesn't like, such as spanking; others she does surprisingly well with, including enemas

Schoolgirl Reform School: Missy & Gypsy
(Film Code 044.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Missy and Gypsy are teens who keep getting in big trouble. Missy is a delicate schoolgirl. Gypsy is a sexy cheerleader.

Their punishment is severe: caning, multiple enemas (including with long colonic tubes while tied up together), huge butt plugs, bondage, spanking, paddling, suppositories, nipple clamps, peeing and expelling enemas in buckets and on the toilet (made to share the same seat.)

In a breath-taking, sexy moment, Missy crawls around the floor on all four, with a huge butt plug inside her, which gives her a sizzling “horse tail” dangling between her butt cheeks!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Missy
(Film Code 043.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Missy is a delicate teen cheerleader who gets substantial corporal punishment: enemas, enema expulsion in full view, ass-to-mouth nozzles, spanking, paddling, bondage and nipple clamps.

Compounding her punishment is her strong embarrassment...

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