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Schoolgirl Reform School: Gypsy
(Film Code 042.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Gypsy is a sexy schoolgirl, half Asian. She’s made to suffer extreme corporal punishment, including enemas, caning/paddling/spanking, bondage, large butt plug, anal beads, suppository, face slapping, breast torture, and riding the sybian – with her hands tied up behind her back!

She gets grapes up her butt, and is made to expel them in a bucket. She also gets covered up in oil and whipped cream, and gets spanked, paddled and caned at length, including while riding the sybian tied up.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Fireball Nina
(Film Code 041.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

A bad schoolgirl’s last chance to avoid juvenile: submit to intense corporal punishment.

She doesn’t appear too worried, foolishly assuming that corporal punishment means “just some spanking”, like her dad used to give her... To her dismay, she discovers that spanking is just the very beginning!

The rough treatment for slutty Nina includes multiple enemas (including with a large antique metal syringe, as well as a large squeeze bulb with a huge, hard nozzle), spanking, eggplants in both holes, paddling, hot wax, nipple clamps and hogtie bondage. She’s also made to pee in a bucket.

For a final humiliation, she’s made to expel her enema water while tied face down to the bed – and has to extinguish a candle with her jet!

Nina’s intense, feisty personality only makes her appear more sexy – and the punishment harder.

A film for those who like bad schoolgirls and really FEISTY submissives!

French-Maid Seductress Likes Her Punishment!
(Film Code 040.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

A seductive, flirtatious French maid misbehaves and gets punished by her male employer with spanking, 3 rounds of enemas (one with a huge metal nozzle), expulsion in toilet and bucket, 4 fingers up the butt, nipple clamp, and a “drilldo” (fucking machine.)

However, she’s such a nympho that she ends up enjoying everything! She redeems herself with a steamy striptease.

Busty Cheerleader's Enema&Spanking Job Interview
(Film Code 039.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Julia, with her hands tied up behind her, getting oiled up all over before her 2nd enema

Featuring : Julia and Andre Chance

Length: 61 minutes

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A hot blonde with big, DD breasts – a former cheerleader just out of college – Julia has no idea of the spanking/enema/bondage ordeal awaiting her at her job interview!

She looks jaw-dropping when she arrives in her corporate clothes.

She learns that the job is to be a personal assistant for a master who runs a “reform school for girls”, involving corporal punishment! Though astonished, Julia coyly admits she's tired of the corporate world and is eager “for something different.”

But to get the job she must experience what it's like to “be on the other side”: to be a schoolgirl being punished! She must endure spanking, bondage, anal beads and enemas (one from a drinking bottle and one with an inflatable balloon nozzle; she expels them in a bucket.)

Manhandling Julia’s DD breasts, the prospective employer congratulates her on getting the job. He’d shake her hand – except that it’s tied behind her back!

Cheerleader's Nurse Training
(Film Code 038.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

What happens if a cheerleader with an attitude gets trained as a nurse? Trouble!

Eva got expelled from her boarding school, and disowned by her family. In dire need of a job, she goes to the master of the Reform School she knew from before.

Though rather surprised to learn that he also runs an enema/gyno clinic, she's eager to be trained as a nurse -- together with nurse student Raya. Under the clinic owner's direction, Eva and Raya practice on each other.

Raya, being in nursing school, looks down on her fellow trainee, a cheerleader who has just gotten expelled from school! And Eva, much as she tries to become a nurse, is fundamentally a bad-girl cheerleader...

The result? 2 badly-behaved nurses!

Eva acts difficult and has to be placed in a straitjacket during her examination, which includes an anal speculum and an enema -- which she's made to expel in a bucket.

But even nurse student Raya isn't too well behaved during the practice exam on her -- and she needs to be spanked and subdued. Her exam includes an anal speculum and an enema, too. With masturbation to shut her up!

Finally, both student nurses are told to practice giving enemas to their male instructor -- and also a blow job to make up for all the trouble they've caused!

This film venturs into the seldom-explored area where "medical" meets "punishment."

Schoolgirl Reform School: Paige
(Film Code 037.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Paige looks angelic in her coy uniform. But she has a long discipline file, and receives an extreme punishment: multiple enemas (made to expel in bucket), straitjacket & hogtie bondage, spanking and paddling (including upside down), ice cubes, ice popsicle inserted into her pussy and dipped into her asshole, hot wax, lit candle inside butt & pussy, and “drilldo” (sex machine.)

She also has to give a blow job to her master and lick his cum.

Anal Cheerleader Hazing 2
(Film Code 036.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Young and shy Arial, a very pretty blonde cheerleader, is eager to join Alexis’ exclusive sorority. But she’s in for a LONG HAZING, including brutal paddling and spanking, as well as enemas (which she’s made to expel in a bucket), douching and even pussy/ass penetrations with ice cubes. The hazing is delivered by Alexis, a hot blonde, and her boyfriend.

But sorority membership has its perks, including a sexy 2-girl simultaneous ride, squeezed together on a single Sybian (sex machine), plus a double-dildo (pussy+ass) Sybian ride.

To finish off, some “sisterly bonding”, with simultaneous double enemas for both girls, each sitting on each knee of Alexis’ boyfriend! The enemas later get expelled in buckets, in full view.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Penney's Thorough Cleaning
(Film Code 035.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Schoolgirl Penney looks hot in her coy uniform. But she has misbehaved, and receives an intense, extensive punishment: enemas, douching, spanking, caning. She’s also made to expel the enemas, and to pee, in a bucket and on the toilet.

In addition, she's humiliated by having to wear a butt plug with a pig tail, while jumping through a hoop. She also gets soaped up all over, and has to take the soap bar insider her mouth, pussy and butthole. Finally, she’s also made to give a blow job to her master and to lick his cum.

PS: in spite of all that, she didn’t learn her lesson, and eventually got sent back to reform school (as you can see in her next film)

Anal Catfights
(Film Code 034.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Shy Colette is curious about modeling, and I recruit her for a little shoot. She’s a cutie-pie, with her piggy tails and miniskirt. We end up kissing, and I lead her to play a game of "golf" with the club in her pussy...

My girlfriend, beautiful college coed Alexis, walks in on us. She gets jealous and all hell breaks loose! The girls get into a sexy catfight... Alexis, the winner, spanks Colette, hogties her, tortures her with ice cubes, and stuffs her with a butt plug. Alexis uses the devil’s tail at the other end of the butt plug to satisfy her horny pussy, while I make her suck my cock.

But when Alexis removes Colette’s butt plug, she just yanks it out. Ouch! Infuriated, Colette turns the tables on her: she spanks her, pins her down, and makes her hold the bucket that she pees into. Then, Colette and I give Alexis 2 enemas and make her expel into a bucket.

But Alexis has had enough! I guess she runs out of her earlier guilt about having hurt Colette... Being a good deal taller, she easily regains the upper hand on Colette, and lifts her off the ground – while I give her an enema in that awkward position.

Straitjacket Pressed-Grapes Enemas
(Film Code 033.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Sex-slave Katia misbehaves, and she’s punished by her Master and by 2 other girls with French fries up her butt, and a milk enema, which she’s made to expel in a pail.

Afterwards, Alexis and Lilah get into a wrestling match. The loser, Lilah, gets forced into a straitjacket. She's also spanked, made to pee in a bucket, tormented with ice cubes, and administered an enema from the juice of grapes that Alexis presses with her bare feet. Afterwards, Lilah is made to expel the enema in a bucket.

Eventually, both Lilah and Alexis are tied together in the same straitjacket by the male master. He administers them double enemas, and makes them expel – while still tied up together – into buckets.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Eva in Forest
(Film Code 032.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

A walk in the woods can get you into big trouble if you are a pretty girl in boarding school and you are sneaking out without permission. It might just get you stripped down, greased up all over with Vaseline, probed, spanked, roughly led by a leash on a naked walk, and lashed to a rock wall.

And finally humiliated with an enema driven up your ass – and having to expel it and to pee right there, tied up for hours in a standing position. All along, you’re getting goose bumps on every inch of your skin from the cold. Still want to go for a walk?

A film for the SADIST in you!

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Enema/Gyno Clinic: Krystal & Nurse Leona
(Film Code 031.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Sexy nursing student Leona and a male doctor give a VERY thorough exam -- and a series of enemas – to an extremely shy, young Asian girl named Krystal.

ALL of Krystal's orifices are looked into, with flashlights. Vaginal and anal specula for her 2 tightest holes! All along, super-shy Krystal tries to "protect her modesty" – a losing battle... Looking inside Krystal's pussy, it's obvious that the shy slut is getting very turned on... Her basal temp (vaginal and rectal) is also taken.

To help relax Krystal, the nurse gives her an oil massage. Then it's a series of 6 enemas with a squeeze bulb, alternately delivered by the nurse and the doctor. Afterwards, to help Krystal retain the water, the nurse and the doctor masturbate her!

You'll get to watch (and hear) her expelling the enemas on the toilet. She gets bad cramps, and the doctor rubs her belly. To console her, the nurse strips naked and has a sexy cuddle with her on the bed, while the doctor rubs both girls with baby oil.

Anal Cheerleader Hazing
(Film Code 030.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Nicolette and Leona are 2 hot coeds. Nicolette, dressed in a sexy cheerleader outfit, is eager to join Leona's sorority. So, Leona, with help from her boyfriend, gives Nicolette the hazing of a lifetime: spanking, wrestling, enemas, oral sex and more.

Leona also gets to suck her boyfriend's dick, and to lick his cum, while he fingers-fucks her holes and Nicolette's back-and-forth. Later, Leona gets punished alongside Nicolette, including a simultaneous enema while the 2 girls are stacked up on the boyfriend's lap.

Finally, Leona gets a wild butt/pussy ride on a Sybian, plus spanking, hot wax and lit candles up her pussy and ass.

Chocolate Birthday Enemas
(Film Code 029.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Featuring : Lilah and Andre Chance

Length: 100 minutes

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Birthday girl Lilah goes to a job interview, and ends up in a rough and sensual game of complete chocolate cover – followed by a sponge bath and 3 enemas to clean her inside and out! She also gets butter sticks and bananas up her butt, a rough “birthday spanking”, a round of “drilldo” (sex machine), and cum in her hair.

She’s made to pee into a bucket, and also to expel all her enemas there. The first enema is directly from a squeeze bottle, the 2nd is from a bag (with a large nozzle), and the 3rd one is with a long colonic tube.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Kyra
(Film Code 028.    Released through SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com)

Kyra is an enticing Asian schoolgirl, looking innocent in her demure outfit. She’s a good girl – but one who has misbehaved. She was caught masturbating, as well as without panties, and with another girl in her bed, etc. Her school file is growing. So, her parents and teachers send her over to a reform school. There, she gets taught a lesson she won’t forget by the Headmaster and his young and lovely female assistant Katia. Kyra’s punishment, in spite of her crying and begging, includes spanking, enemas (even milk ones!), bondage, hot wax, nipple clamps, ice cubes and paddling. She’s also made to pee in a bucket, and to expel her enemas there, too, in front of the Schoolmaster – and often on his lap!

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Caning & Beer Enemas
(Film Code 025.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Kitty is a young redhead with a very wild streak. After having been subjected to punishment a number of times in the past, she has come to the conclusion that she likes punishment – she says it makes her “feel alive”...

A male Master helps her explore her pain-slut side with a rough treatment that includes a brutal caning, beer enemas directly from the bottle, a large bag enema, expulsion into a bucket, clothespins, spanking, paddling, hot wax, lit candles up her pussy & ass, and pussy “drilling” with a drilldo (a sex machine.)

(WARNING: alcohol enemas can be dangerous or fatal. Please see Enema Information & Safety)

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