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Enemas/Spanking/Anal Candle/Drilldo for Young Thief
(Film Code 024.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Sexy redhead Rachel

Featuring : Rachel and Andre Chance

Length: 65 minutes

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Rachel is a beautiful, very young-looking 18 y.o., who wants to rent a room in a guy’s house. While he’s briefly away on the phone, she steals some of his belongings.

When he discovers her, he punishes her with OTK spanking, enemas (using a bag and a large syringe), and by stuffing up her butt with soy beans, plus forced enema expulsion into bucket, hot wax, lit candles up her ass & pussy.

For a final touch, he violates her pussy with a “drilldo” (a dildo attached to a rotating drill.)

Cling-Wrapped Together: Double Enemas & More
(Film Code 022.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Young Trinity looks deliciously impish in a skimpy devil's outfit she borrowed for a party. However, when she returns it late -- and with pieces missing -- she gets a hell of a punishment, including enemas, spanking, paddling, tickling, grapes & butter sticks up her butt, and ice-cube torture.

Katia, the runaway who became a live-in sex slave, gets discovered to have stolen one of the missing costume pieces. She gets tied up with Trinity using cling wrap, and gets punished alongside -- including a double enema.

At the end, Trinity gets a wild ride on a sybian.

Lena & Katia: Intimate Double Punishment
(Film Code 020.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Lena is beautiful in her miniskirt. She has seductive, lush hair. But she’s a pathetic would-be athlete, lacking discipline.

Her trainer gives her an ultimatum: be punished – or be expelled from the team. She learns about discipline alongside 18 y.o. sex-slave-in-training Katia, through enemas, spanking, paddling, hot wax and more.

To expel their enemas, Lena and Katia have to share a single toilet!

Piled Up: Double Punishment for Nicolette & Katia
(Film Code 019.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Bad-student Nicolette, a sizzling coed in a miniskirt, shows up unannounced at her tutor’s place, desperate for help with an imminent exam.

The tutor, who was in the middle of punishing nymphette 18 y.o. Katia, agrees to help Nicolette – but in exchange for punishment alongside Katia.

The girls get locked up in a box, drenched in oil, stacked up on the tutor’s lap and spanked. Later, while still stacked up on the tutor’s lap, they endure enemas, using red enema bags and flow indicators. Next, they have to expel the enemas into a big bucket, squatting side-by-side, in full view.

To finish up, it’s hot wax and getting their holes stuffed with cherry tomatoes and asparagus!

Katia: From Teen Runaway to Sex Slave
(Film Code 018.    Released through MyFirstKinkySex.com)
Katia gets teased about her imminent full-bag enema

Featuring : Katia and Andre Chance

Length: 83.5 minutes

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A very young-looking hitchhiker runaway, Katia is a pretty nymphet with wild brown curls, and a playful, bratty nature.

She gets picked up by a guy who offers her a much-needed place to stay – but on condition that she becomes his sex slave!

For starters, he makes her change into sexy panties and a sheer “babydoll” slip. She’s definitely poised between a girl and a young woman...

Next, Katia is collared and led on a crawl by a leash. She also has to lap up wine from a bowl on the floor.

Katia’s training shifts into higher gear with a lot of spanking, paddling, enemas, bondage, and even pasta and beans shoved up her butt (and flushed out with another enema!)

Finally, she’s left inside a box (she’s very petite) for the night...

Malena Trades Her Bad Grade for Corporal Punishment
(Film Code 017.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Featuring : Malena and Andre Chance

Length: 98 minutes

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Malena is a coy – and hot – Latina, with youthful braids, a sexy miniskirt and sizable breasts. She goes to visit her teacher in his house, determined to get a bad grade changed. If she fails, she’ll lose her scholarship – so she’s rather desperate. The teacher agrees to raise her grade, but only if she submits to extensive corporal punishment.

It takes spanking, many enemas, ice cubes, hot wax, clothespins on nipples, and a lot more, to change Malena's grade from F to A+...

Nicolette's Tutor Teaches her a Lesson
(Film Code 016.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

In her slutty miniskirt and stockings, bratty Nicolette is a hot student, with lush, long brown curls. But her mind is not on her studies, and she’s failing her classes.

At her tutor’s place, while he steps out, she snoops around his box of spanking, enema and sex toys. He catches her red-handed, and punishes her for being a bad student and a snoop. Under the threat of having her parents informed of everything, Nicolette submits to the tutor’s kinky punishments – and he uses on her the same toys she discovered while snooping.

In particular, she gets spanked OTK and she receives multiple enemas, including a a squeeze bulb with her own pee, and an enema with a colonic tube!

Brutal Sex Therapy for Jeannie
(Film Code 015.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Jeannie expels her enema on the toilet

Featuring : Jeannie and Andre Chance

Length: 106 minutes

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Jeannie is an exotic-looking girl of Southeast Asian ethnicity. She has a great natural tan, and lovely breasts. Her sexual hang-ups are causing problems with her boyfriend. So, she goes to a sex therapist. He explains that the way to get rid of sexual hang-ups is to explore a wide variety of kinky acts. When she agrees to do "whatever it takes," he leads her into a brutal erotic journey – and won't let her change her mind about going along.

The kinky acts include enemas (even one with her own pee!) and bizarre anal penetrations...

Teaching the Cheerleader a Lesson
(Film Code 014.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
Ophelia doing cheers with her panties in her mouth

Featuring : Ophelia and Andre Chance

Length: 107.5 minutes

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I’m sure you’ve always had a desire to teach a good lesson to some cheerleader. As luck had it, one of them screwed up badly in her competition. And she goes to her coach, begging for help! What a perfect opportunity to give her the discipline she badly needs...

Spanking, paddling and multiple rounds of enemas are part of her extended punishment – painful and exquisitely humiliating.

Lexine's Enema Hazing
(Film Code 013.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)
First enema, with double-balloon inflatable nozzle, for Lexine, in bondage with spreader bar and mouth gag

Featuring : Lexine and Andre Chance

Length: 111 minutes

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A giggly college girl — a gorgeous brunette named Lexine — is eager to join an exclusive sorority.

The admission price: an intense HAZING delivered by the boyfriend of one of the sorority girls.

The punishment includes dressing up as a nurse, and receiving a perverse medical exam, including a rectal thermometer – plus enemas, enema, expulsion, spanking, paddling, whipping, bondage, peeing, bizarre objects up her pussy (zucchini and bread stick!), and other humiliation.

One of the enemas is delivered with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while Lexine is in bondage.

Nurse Kitty's Punishment
(Film Code 012.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Nurse Kitty is a young, hot redhead. But she's a fake nurse. I know her secret and I threaten to expose the truth. To avoid that, she accepts an intense punishment for her lies.

Her punishment includes spanking, whipping, getting the whip handle up her ass, and receiving multiple enemas, which she has to expel in a bucket. She also pees there. The initial enemas involve squeeze bulbs; later, Kitty gets a full-bag enema, with a flow indicator, while in bondage.

Furthermore, Kitty gets nipple clamps, ice cubes, and her underwear shoved entirely up her pussy!

Intense Medical Exam & Beer Enema Revenge
(Film Code 011.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

A naughty redhead nurse gives an intense exam to a lovely brunette – including taking her rectal temperature, and giving her a sponge bath and a milk enema.

When the patient later discovers that the nurse was an impostor, she gets her revenge for all the heavy-handed treatment she received! In particular, she gets a turn at administering an enema – and gives the fake nurse a beer enema straight from the bottle!

Wine Enemas for Patient and Nurse
(Film Code 008.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Nina, a bratty and wild brunette, pigged out on ice cream and isn’t feeling well. Nurse Sasha, a sexy redhead, comes to her rescue, with an exam and enemas – including wine enemas.

Later, Nina decides to give the nurse “a taste of her own medicine,” with more wine enemas. The nurse/patient power struggle eventually leads to wild sex and rides on a sybian.

Mackenzie and Lexine's Sorority Hazing (ALL-GIRL)
(Film Code 005.    Released through EnemaWizardVideo.com)

Lexine, a gorgeous college girl, is desperate to join a sorority. She goes to Mackenzie, who belongs to that sorority, for help – and is put through an intense hazing.

Eventually, Lexine turns things around, and gets even for all she had to endure.

The net result? Multiple enemas (including with a colonic tube), spanking, peeing, bizarre anal penetrations, bondage, rectal thermometers and a lot more!

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